7 Start Of The Year DIYS To Try!We’re officially back to work from the holidays. And, it is awful! Seriously, as someone who loves her work, getting back to it has been tough this year. Mostly, because I started 2016 with the worst cold (thank you NYE shenanigans). But, that’s almost gone now and I’m slowly getting into the mode of working once more. I’m sure a lot of people reading this post, have been in the same position. So, I’d like to share 7 Start of the Year DIYs, that will help you get back into the zone.

As always, click though the title below each picture for the complete tutorial.

7 Start Of The Year DIYS To Try! Coloring Pages Calender by Damask Love

Printable Coloring Calendar Pages by Damask Love

What’s the best way to get rid of back to work blues? Do something crafty. If you’re not really up to a complex DIY, sit down with these super cute & useful calendar pages. It’s helpful to make something colourful and attractive for your desk. And, colouring is oddly therapeutic, if I do say so myself.

7 Start Of The Year DIYS To Try! Mini Pancakes by Oh Joy

Mini Pancakes by Oh Joy

You know what’s a great motivator? Food. And, if you start your day with an interesting and delicious meal, it’s all the better. I love this idea by Oh Joy, because it’s quite simple and helps you feel more excited about your mornings.

Free Printable Lists for making goals instead of New Year Resolutions.

2016 Goal Lists

I’m a big believer in making goals instead of resolutions for the New Year. Some of them are specific like plan a product line for Valentine’s Day and some are generic like learn a new language. Either way, it motivates me to write it all out and put it up in my workspace.

7 Start Of The Year DIYS To Try! Yes Book by Brit + Co

Say Yes Book by Brit + Co

Speaking of goals. One of my goals for the year, is to say Yes to a lot of new ideas and challenging experiences. I was inspired to task this up, with this DIY notebook by Brit + Co. It’s a regular reminder of approaching situations with a positive attitude. And, eventually making it a habit.

7 Start Of The Year DIYS To Try! Declutter your surroundings by Emily Henderson

Decluttering your space by Emily Henderson

The last two days have been thoroughly frustrating for me, since I’ve been sick and had massive creative blocks. So, in order to motivate myself, I’ve been decluttering my personal and workspace and getting rid of all the things that are unnecessary, negative or unproductive. It gave me a sense of accomplishment. While, organising my surroundings. Talk about hitting multiple targets with minimal bullets!

7 Start Of The Year DIYS To Try! Detox with DIY scrub and mask by Hello Glow

DIY Face Mask and Body Scrub by Hello Glow

This is a great way of feeling rejuvenated and have a clean state (and skin) for the new year. After the last couple of Holiday weeks, you want to jolt yourself out of the Holiday feeling and using a detox scrub really helps feel fresh. We tried out the tutorial shared by Hello Glow and it feels amazing!

7 Start Of The Year DIYS To Try! Reflect on 2015 by The Crafting Chicks

2015 in review printable by The Crafting Chicks

When you’re up to it (that doesn’t mean March), you should take some time out and look back at 2015 and what really happened last year. It’s an essential way to understand the things that went wrong and how you could have handled it better. More importantly, it helps you remember the good stuff and surprise yourself with how many wonderful things happened.

Which New Year DIYs do you like to use, to motivate yourself? Let me know in the comments below. Happy New Year!