Customised Story Book of Memories by The Craftables | Gift Ideas for adultsWe’ve made many personalised gifts, but there are always projects that are extra special. A story book of memories is definitely a gift that fits that category. It’s made completely to order and takes a huge investment of time, both on our parts and on the customer’s part. Apart from time, it’s also about the little details that are sprinkled across the pages, making it a memoir of a person’s life. Needless to say, it’s not everyday that a gift like this is made. And, it’s worth it! We’ve made a few of these now, and have always gotten an amazing response. It is one gift a person cherishes for a lifetime.

Making a Story Book of memories is a huge responsibility for us, as we are working with really personal information about a person’s life. So, before we get into it, we wanted to add that all the information we get about such projects, is kept completely confidential and deleted after the project has been completed. We do have to read everything you send us. But, without your permission, even the samples are not shared with anyone else. We will always respect your privacy 🙂

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The Theme

The first step in making a story book is deciding the theme and vibe of the gift. There are many ways you can go about it and we can walk you through the decisions to be made such as the material and finish of the books, the layout, art style etc.

Our suggestion is – think of who you’re making the gift for and what their aesthetic is. The book shown here is for a 55 year old businessman who likes blue, is simple and travels a lot. This leads us to making an A5 sized book, with simple line drawings and a bigger font size. Once you have a general idea of what the person will like, we can run you through some simple questions to nail down the theme and design.

Special Memories Book of Stories by The Craftables

The Content

Each person is different, so you need to think of whether you want a more creatives oriented or text heavy book. The person, in this case, preferred stories in text form. That’s why, the customer gathered 30 stories progressing from childhood to present day, written by friends, family and colleagues. To that, we added creative titles, a few special photos and simple line drawings. To complete the content of the book.

Here, we focused on stories from childhood onwards. But, you can always make the book around specific attributes or aspect of a person’s life. For one book, we did the works – from an index to a preface to a forward. To make it resemble a textbook. So, it’s up to you as to how much and what content you would like.

All the content is provided by the customer.

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The Timeline

This depends on how many stories and how many contributors are sending information. However, you should give the contributors at least 3 weeks to send in the write ups. People have busy lives and would like to really think, before sending their stories. Make sure to let them know the vibe of what you’re going for – is it funny? Is it emotional? What occasion it is? In this case, the vibe was casual but emotional. But it had to be a story and not just a general message.

After the content is ready it takes 1-3 weeks for us to compile the book, send you a draft, make changes, have it printed and couriered to you. Depending on how simple or complicated the book is.

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Customised Story Book of Memories by The Craftables

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