Download and play tambola gameIt’s been a minute and a half since our last Musical Housie, and we thought it’s the perfect time to refresh your memories with a themed version of the game. This Starry Nights version was made using the same design elements as the Puntastic Coasters from earlier this week, as they were a part of the same evening (if you would like to see all of what we made for the evening, let us know in the comments below!). I absolutely loved the design for these game cards! And I’m hoping it leads to several fun filled evenings for you, as it has for us!

Musical Housie Game Idea or Bingo or Tambola

The Theme

Let’s paint a picture, shall we? Imagine the sun setting over a Goan beach. There’s a canopy of fairy lights and tables set in front of a dance floor for a cocktail party. You can hear the sea going over the sand, a precursor to the Bollywood music that’s going to start soon.

The theme is Starry Nights and the colours of the evening are Dark Blue, Baby Pink and Silver, with twinkling lights everywhere. The artwork is inspired by Ed Sheeran’s Perfect video (if you haven’t seen it, it’s a treasure trove of design!). And we’ve planned ice breaking games for two families to meet for the first time. To add on the theme, we’ve chosen a mix of romantic and fun songs.


Sounds perfect, does’t it?

Play customised musical bingo

The Game

For those of you that haven’t played it – Housie aka Tambola is a luck based games where the host of the game calls out numbers  (or plays songs in this case) and players have to listen and cross them off on their game cards. They win prizes based on the variations chosen.

For this version, we made 75 customised cards with 9 songs on each card, divided in 3 sections. There was a selection of 45 songs, instead of the usual 90 numbers of a Housie game.

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To Play

In order to play the game, you’ll need to download and randomise the 45 songs written on the cards. Don’t worry – you don’t have to listen to all 45 songs from beginning to end. The game would become too long. The focus is on the first 30 seconds of the songs.

Each of the songs selected have one other criteria apart from the theme of the game. That is – they are very well known and most people would be able to guess the song from the first 20-30 seconds. If you have a tough crowd, you can play the songs for another 15-20 seconds. But, that should be enough for them to guess the song. To help make things even simpler, the first line of the song is written on the cards – not the name of the song. So, even if you don’t know the song, you can identify it from the first line.

Once you have the songs, a host plays each song and allows the players to mark the song on their cards. The game continues as usual, until all the prizes have been claimed. To spice things up, the host can share some anecdotes and pull up players to sing / dance and participate.

Printable Housie Game Variation Idea

To Order

As you may have guessed by know, these cards are time consuming to make and the songs selection need some deliberation. That’s why we are offering the option to pay and order the game with us. If you’re interested in getting some more information, please click this link. Or, you can email us using the link below.

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Housie game variation idea on order

Musical Housie Game Idea

How do you like this musical housie and what theme would you choose? Let us know in the comments below!