Customised Space Themed UNOI just had a DOH! Moment when I realised that we never shared the customised UNO we made for a very special birthday! A couple of months back, our friend was hosting a Space Themed party for her 10 year old and wanted to give a unique gift as a party favour. After going back and forth with a couple of ideas, we decided to make a Space themed UNO!

In case you’re unfamiliar with the game (you should get a pack of it, it’s a classic!), UNO is a card game that is great for all ages. There are an astounding 108 cards. Which means 25 cards per colour, numbered 0 to 9 (two of each, except zero). There are also a “Skip”, “Draw two” and “reverse” Cards per colour. And four “Wild” and “Wild Four” Cards. Each player starts with 5 or 7 cards and you take turns discarding cards, till one player has a single card remaining. The player who discards all his / her cards wins!

To give our twist to the game, we swapped the traditional colours – red, blue, yellow and green – for “Boyish” colours as the UNO sets were for a pre-teen boys return gifts. So, we used an orange, a dark blue, a pale yellow and a bright green.

Themed UNO space game as party favour for boy's party

Now I know what you’re thinking, how does the space theme tie in with that? Those aren’t even typical space colours. That’s what we thought too. However, we had certain set rules that we wanted to follow through with the design:

  • The colours need to be distinct, so they aren’t difficult to call out while playing.
  • The number of icons needed to be limited so that the set doesn’t look too mixed up. So, we stuck to a total of 15 designs that could be made in all four colours. That means if we made an astronaut for number 3, all the “3” cards would have an astronaut.
  • Keep the designs simple and clean.

Space themed party favour game for children

With that in mind, we spoke to our trusty printers (who have been driven mad at this point, with our not so standard requests) and worked out the kind of paper and packaging we would be using for the cards. We tried many options before we landed on the right thickness and slickness for the cards, so they resembled actual playing cards.

Sidenote: UNO cards are always made with thick paper instead of plastic, as plastic cards can be too sharp for kids.

Card playing game UNO for children party, space themed

Now that the base was set, the next step was to design each of the icons and the box for the game. So, we jotted out 15 objects and made simple designs for each one. While simultaneously making them in the four chosen colours (I highly recommend this, because not all designs work in all colours)

With the design complete, the order proceeded to the printer who did a great job of making 40 decks of cards, 40 boxes and 40 instruction sheets in no time at all. A little ribbon and the games were ready to gift. And, that was the end of our marathon UNO order.

Space themed uno card game for kids

Customised Game Ideas - Themed UNO card game for party favours

Do you like this UNO set and what kind of theme would you make? Let us know in the comments below! Also, if you would like to order a themed UNO, let us know through the Place an Order Button link (click here) and we will do our best to make it happen!