Throwback Post Day! Rounding up 7 of our older DIYs - The CraftablesWhat’s Throwback Post Day? It’s a look back at some of our older projects and where they are now. Basically, every once in a while we like to go back and look at some of the posts we’ve made through the past few months. And, see what we ended up using them for, what we could have done differently and reminisce. I find it helps in figuring out whether a DIY actually works. Or just looks pretty for a bit, before it is chucked away. It’s a revealing process and this month, I thought it would be interesting for you to see, how it went.

Plus, it’s a Thursday and this post is about throwbacks. So, you get the idea (I’m probably the only one laughing at that pun) #TBT

Throwback Post Day! Stamped up leashFirst up, I want to share this stamped up dog leash. I was so excited when I was going through this post again. And cringing so much! It was one of my first posts and I knew nothing about blogging. Jon Snow probably knew more about blogging than I did. It was the first time we made rubber stamps. As well as, the first time we shared a pet related tutorial. So, I’m just happy nothing went wrong with it.  We ended up gifting this leash to a friend for her pet. 

Here’s the tutorial, in case you would like to make it.

Throwback Post Day! Handmade Coffee Scented PaperNext up – Coffee Scented handmade paper. When we were working on this idea, I was trying so hard to make the tutorial simple. Because the full process of making handmade paper can be complicated and time consuming. I think it worked because the paper turned out beautifully and smelled like coffee too. Now, it’s a part of my bookmarks collection. Though I wish, I had made the paper thinner and the sheets larger to use as stationery.

You can make these, by using this tutorial.

Throwback Post Day! Letter Magnets DIYOoh these were so much fun to make! I made them for my cousins to put on their fridges. And, this is one DIY I actually think looks better in reality than it does in a photograph. Last time I checked, they still had these magnets in their kitchen. The only thing I would change about this DIY, is the size of the magnet. I used a very small one, which can only hold the weight of the coaster.

If you would like to make them too, use this tutorial.

Throwback Post Day! DIY Pom Pom KeychainsI mean, are these cute or are they cute? Pompoms are one of my go to embellishments and I think they look adorable! We ended up making these particular pom poms in bulk, that day. As for this key chain, my sister is using it. She nabbed one of them, as soon as we finished photographing the photo above. 

Use this tutorial link to see how they’re made.

Throwback Post Day! Cross Stitch Bag TagsThese cross stitch bag tags started off as something completely different. But, by the time we finished I had learn two new things. One, how to cross stitch (my nani is a pro at anything sewing / knitting related). And second, that this is more time consuming than it looks.

However, I will say that they work. With such a bright and unique bag tag, you can identify your bag  easily. I’ve been using them on my bags ever since we made them.

If you’re new to cross stitching (like me), please use this link to learn the technique. And, this link to make the bag tags.

Throwback Post Day! Printable Pretty in Pink Wrapping PaperThis is a more recent DIY. In fact, it’s from our Valentine’s Day tutorials – Printable Gift Wrapping Paper. I wanted to talk about this one, because I realised how much I enjoy making wrapping paper designs (another first), when I was working on these. And, I was nervous whether the paper would print out, as well as it looked on Photoshop. And, I can honestly say, it was exactly the same. We ended up using all the sheets we had made. So, I’ll just have to print out more, if I need them again.

You can download and print them for free, through this link.

Throwback Post Day! Lemon and Green tea Salt ScrubLastly, our Lemon and Green Tea Salt Scrub. I wanted to share this solely because it was such a surprise. I had read about green tea scrubs and expected it to be difficult to get right. And even if it wasn’t, I expected the scent to be mild. But, it worked. The only thing I didn’t expect was that the oil starts separating from the scrub after a while. So, you need to mix it up, before using. Have to fix that with the next scrub!

For the tutorial, use this link.

And that’s it for now 🙂 Let me know what you think of these projects in the comments below. Also, tell me about the DIYs you’ve been making for years. I love hearing of crafty ideas!