Here's a lookback at some of our older posts. It’s Throwback Post Day! If this is the first time you’re reading one of these. Then let me explain what this post is all about. Every month, I like to go back and think about some of the older posts we’ve worked on. Sometimes it makes me cringe, sometimes it makes wonder what I could have done differently and sometimes it reminds me of a fun time. And I like to think, it shows how we have grown over the last couple of months. So, that’s what this post is all about! Here are the craft ideas, we were thinking about this month:

Sidenote: Click on the name below each photo to see the complete step by step tutorial!

Gifts for all senses The Craftables

A Gift for 5 Senses

This is till date, one of my most pinned projects. And that makes me really happy, because I genuinely love this concept of giving gifts for all 5 senses. I have personally given this as a gift many times and every single person, has enjoyed it thoroughly. Success!

DIY Punch Art Gift Wrap The Craftables cover

DIY Punch Art Gift Wrap

Two gift ideas in a row? Why not! Funny backstory to this punch art gift wrap – we actually made a stop motion video for this tutorial. Yup! It was supposed to be our first video for our Youtube channel and we happily shot the whole thing. And only while we were editing did we realise something – we didn’t know how to do good stop motion 😛 There were so many errors, that we ended up binning the entire video. But, we managed to salvage enough for a good tutorial. AND we  actually spent some time learning stop motion properly.

DIY Chocolate Sugar Scrub Cubes by The Craftables

Chocolate Sugar Scrub Cubes

Speaking of experiments, this was one that actually worked! We made these scrub cubes using the easiest ingredients and ended up using them for weeks afterwards. This was also well liked online, so all in all it was an idea that worked out really well. My learning point with this tutorial was that I should have used ground sugar instead of granulated sugar. It would be much easier to apply.

Gilded Wood Stand The Craftables.jpg 2

Gilded wood effect table stand

What a struggle it was to photograph this DIY! Back when we made it, I was really new to photography and honestly terrible at taking photos with white backgrounds. And if you look closely at the photos, you’ll be able to tell the many many ways I messed up. #cringing

Winter Cup Cosy The Craftables 1

Winter Cup Cosy

This was my “try even though people are saying it won’t work” project (yes that is a thing). For some reason, I was supremely confident that this project would work. And sure I messed up the first one I made, but everything after that worked out just fine. AND I’m still using mine. So There!

That’s it for this Throwback Post Day! Which of these DIY projects is your favourite and what would you do differently? Let me know in the comments below!