Throwback Post Day Sept 2016What’s Throwback Post Day, you ask? It’s our way of looking back at some of our older content and see what’s become of it.  To see what we ended up using them for, what we could have done differently and basically just think about  fun activities, in general. I find it helps in figuring out whether a DIY actually works or not. Because the true test is if it lasted for a while or was chucked out within days. It’s a revealing process and one we carry out almost every month. Plus, it’s a Thursday and this post is about throwbacks. So, you get the idea (I’m probably the only one laughing at that pun) #TBT. Here’s what we went through this month!

DIY No Sew Pouches

First, I want to talk about these no sew pouches that we made a couple of months ago. Since then I have learnt to sew, but I’m still a novice. So, I fully appreciate no sew pencil pouches. However, I remember the first one we made and what a disaster it was! After that, we went on to make them for a workshop for kids.

DIY Diyas

Next up, DIY diyas! Diwali is the next major Indian festival coming up and we’ve just started brainstorming ideas. So, obviously we had to look back at what we made last year. And, I’m still in love with these pearl diyas. They were so easy to make and looked stunning!

Travel Backgammon

We’re travelling a lot this month, so we’ve been carrying some games with us, including this travel backgammon. I remember how easy this was to execute. We’re still using it, so I think it’s safe to call this DIY a success!

diy storage bags

Now that Summer is on it’s way out, we’ve been pulling out all of our woollens and that’s how I came across these diy storage bags. Like I said, I’m a novice at sewing and these were one of my absolute beginner projects. Quite happy with how useful they turned out to be.

DIY papercraft folders in 10 minutes cover

Not sure if I mentioned this, but these paper folders were an accident. They were meant to be printable table mats. But, were printed in the wrong paper. And then, we were stuck with a whole set of thick printed sheets that we couldn’t use for anything. That’s when my mom put on her thinking cap and whipped up these simple folders. Totally saved the day!

pom pom socksLast, I want to talk about these customised pom pom socks. We worked on three designs for this tutorial and honestly, some worked out better than others. The ones with pom poms on the back work perfectly and I’ve worn them out now. For the ones with pom poms on the front, they weren’t comfortable to wear with shoes. So, I ended up wearing them around the house. But, the ones with pom pom on the sides came off in the wash, so that was the end of that design. I could have sewn them back on, but somehow never got around to it.

That’s it for this Throwback Post Day! I feel like I went on an unfiltered rant with this article. But, I’d like for you to actually know more about our process, our successes and our mishaps! Let me know about your DIY Projects and how they’ve worked out for you? I’d love to hear your story!