traditional valentines day gifts I genuinely believed that – “Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and it’s about time to start thinking of gifts. Or it will end up being something ordinary, which would be forgotten in days. That’s what happens with traditional gifts like chocolates and messages.” – I was wrong. Last weekend, we were thinking about how conventional gift, specially valentines traditional gifts are there for a reason. For example if you’re sending the gift over long distances or your Valentine would like nothing better than chocolate. It would make absolute sense to give a traditional gift. On the other hand, that doesn’t mean you can’t personalise it!

Today, we want to share unconventional ways of gifting 3 of the most common Valentine’s Day Gifts – Chocolates, Roses and Message in a Bottle. Read on for more.

valentines day chocolates

Chocolate // X’s and O’s

First up – Valentines Day Chocolate! For this idea, we’re switching from a box of chocolates to an game board to play knots and crosses on. Use the X’s and O’s  (I get all the points for subtleness) on chocolates to make a set, you can gift, play together and eat!

Time taken: 30 minutes max
Budget: Low
Materials: Small canvas board / card board, acrylic paint, matching paper, gold wrapped chocolates (5 square and 4 round preferably), gold marker, scissors, glue

  1. Paint the canvas board with a thick layer of paint and let it dry. Acrylic paint should dry in a couple of minutes.
  2. While the paint is drying, cut out 5 X’s and 4 O’s. To get the same effect, make the letters slightly oversized, so that they stand out against the chocolates.
  3. Draw thin gold lines around the edges of the letters.
  4. Paste the X’s over square chocolates and O’s over the round ones.
  5. Cover the back of the board with paper.
  6. Draw a thick gold outline on the board and a grid in the centre. The grid should have 2 horizontal and 2 vertical lines, placed at equal distances.

valentines day roses

Roses // Flower Power!

Valentines Day Roses are another common gift and are usually at the top of the list. But, you can definitely put a spin on this by giving different coloured roses. Because, different colors have entirely different meanings. So, when you give a bouquet of varied colors, you’re actually combining the meaning of all the different colors. Here, are what some of them mean:

  • Red: Love & romance
  • Pink: Sweetness, grace, gratitude & admiration
  • White: Spirituality, new starts and marriage
  • Orange: Enthusiasm & passion
  • Yellow: Friendship, Joy & good health
  • Lavender: Love at first site, enchantment
  • Peach: modesty
  • Coral: Desire
  • Burgundy: Unconscious beauty

I think it’s pretty sweet to give a bouquet that means all of these things. And, you can easily add a small tag that explains the meaning of each rose.

message in a bottle valentines day gift

Cards // Message in a Bottle

Personally, I think it’s difficult to find a great card. Be it for a partner, friend, colleague, anyone really. Even with the huge variety available online and offline, it can be challenging to locate and pick just the right one. So, it’s a good idea to skip the entire process and go for  messages in bottle for valentines day gift.

Time taken: 5 minutes
Budget: Low
Materials: Cork bottles, ribbon, heart shaped confetti, message

  1. Make sure to clean the bottles completely and fill them up about midway with confetti.
  2. Write out a message on a small paper and roll it up. You can tie this up in ribbon to make it easier to take out, later.
  3. Place in the message between the confetti and shake the bottle till the confetti settles all around it.
  4. Tie a ribbon around the rim of the bottle and paste a heart on the cork / lid, to give finish to the gift.

valentine day roses, bottle message & chocolates

What do you think of our non traditional ways to give traditional gifts? let me know in the comments below or through any of the links mentioned. Also! Tell us about your Valentine’s Day Gifts, we would love to hear about them!