Learn how to make a travel Backgammon board!This DIY has been in the making for so long, I couldn’t wait to share it. It’s a Travel Backgammon! My mom, has been wanting to make one ever, since our last road trip. We were at this small cabin in the mountains and the only past time we had, was playing board games. Not that I’m complaining. We love board games. One of the games, we really got into was Backgammon. And, we were very tempted to play it on our way back to the city. Unfortunately, we couldn’t because the board was quite big & there wasn’t enough space to play. Thus, came the idea of making a travel set. That could be played anywhere and wasn’t bulky to carry. Here’s what we came up with.

Time: 1.5 -2 hours

Budget: Medium


Learn how to make a travel Backgammon board!

Steps for a Travel Backgammon:

  1. Start by cutting out a 45 x 30 cm piece of cloth and draw a grid around the edges.
  2. Make 2 triangle cutouts (3 cm base). Make one of the cutouts 11 cm long and the other, 9 cm. These are to be used to draw the triangles on your base.
  3. Using the chalk, draw a line in the centre of the cloth. Next, leaving 1.5 cm on either side draw 2 more lines.
  4. Using these lines as edges, alternately trace the big and small cutouts onto the cloth. On opposite sides. You should have this pattern, in the end.

Learn how to make a travel Backgammon board!

5. Paint the big triangles red and the smaller ones black. Once it is dry, you can add another layer of paint, if needed.

6. Trace all the lines, with a thick gold marker.

7. Paint 15 buttons red and 15 black. You can also, paint the rim gold to give it more finish.

Learn how to make a travel Backgammon board!

8. Cut a length of gold thread or braid to tie up the cloth.

9. Place the buttons in the bag and place it in the cloth. To roll up and carry.

Learn how to make a travel Backgammon board!

Things to remember:

  • Make the grid precise. It will help in the painting and the finish.
  • The chalk can be brushed off, once the painting has been completed.
  • Be careful about the painting. You’ll notice, the triangles  are in the opposite order – black first in the top row and red first in the bottom row.
  • You can buy most of the materials online, with the links given in the materials.

In case, you haven’t played this game before and would like to know the instructions. You can click here, for the details.

Learn how to make a travel Backgammon board!

What do you think of the design? Practical, isn’t it. I want to go on a trip, just to play the game!

Seriously, let me know, if it’s something you like and if you want to see more travel packs like this one. Which game, would you like to see?