craft ideas for kids, art and craft, diy, recyclingWe’re really getting into the mode of upcycling old and used boxes into useful  & attractive storage options. This week, we used to often overlooked embellishments (Measuring tapes and Buttons) to make a pair of containers for storing sewing materials. Here’s what we did,

Time taken: about 30 minutes

Budget: Low


  1. Paper
  2. Measuring Tape
  3. String and Buttons
  4. Cleaned cans
  5. Embellishments (optional)
  6. Scissors
  7. Glue/ Double sided Tape

Button Box, craft ideasSteps (Button Box):

  1. Plan your colors for the can.
  2. Make sure the can is completely clean.
  3. Measure, cut and paste the paper to be stuck on the base of the can. Make sure, the edges are even, or it will look shabby. This is what happened on the edge of this jar, and we had to add ribbon to the top and bottom to cover it up.
  4. String the buttons at even lengths. Place them in the order to see what the end product will look like.
  5. Paste the string at one end and start twirling it around the can, till you reach the top. If the string is held firmly, it doesn’t need to be pasted all the way around.
  6. You can paste buttons to the lid of the box to give it completion.

Measuring tape and button box craft ideasFor the Measuring Tape Box,

  1. Cut a used measuring tape into strips, based on the circumference of the box.
  2. Paste each length one above the other on the box.
  3. Roll up a small piece of the tape and paste it in the center of the lid.

button and measuring tape box, diy ideasEspecially easy idea to do with kids right? Let us know your thoughts – KA