heart advent calendarI’ve had this idea in my DIYs to make for the longest time and it’s finally the right time to share it! Valentine’s Day is just over 20 days away and if you’re looking for something thoughtful and elaborate, then you want to try this idea out. Specially, if you enjoy advent calendars like we do! What’s to enjoy about advents? Just think of the excitement you feel at opening a new gift every day for Christmas advents. Now, imagine replicating the same feeling for Valentine’s Day? Sounds good, doesn’t it! Here’s how it’s done!

heart advent calendar tutorial


  • Card paper (about 250 GSM would do)
  • Heart Box Design Template (click here to download)
  • Scissors
  • Decorations
  • Glue

For this DIY we used Photoshop to design every box. However, you have a whole bunch of options. You could print the template on scrapbook paper or print plain boxes and decorate them by hand. It’s entirely up to how much time you have. Just keep in mind, that the boxes aren’t enough on their own, you’ll actually have to get a gift to fill them up with!

valentines day gift idea


  1. If you’re making a 14 day advent like we did, you’ll need to print 14 copies of the box template.
  2. Next we decorate the boxes in any way we like. You can choose a colour scheme or use different colours per day or have a mix of colours, prints etc like ours
  3. Once the designs are ready, carefully cut out each of the boxes from the lines. Not going to lie, this does take some time, because heart shaped boxes are a bit tricky to assemble.
  4. After cutting, move onto creasing the remaining lines and ending with pasting the flap to complete the box. Be careful to leave one side open, so you can place your gifts inside.

valentine's day heart advent

That takes care of making the boxes and next, we work on presenting the advent! You could place them in a jar like this, or paste them on a wall or a sheet of paper. You could also individually gift each box starting on the 1st of February leading up to the 14th.

Pro Tip: The full effect of an advent comes up when you start with simple gifts and build it up to an elaborate one for the last gift. So, you could start with something easy (like stationery or handwritten notes) and end with a gift your partner has wanted for ages.

DIY Advent Calendar

How to make a valentines day advent calender

cute valentines day gift boxes

How do you like this Valentines Advent Calendar? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below 🙂