Wallflower Stationery Set | Rose Bookmark Listpad | The Craftables StationeryDo you love the limelight or prefer being a wallflower? Or maybe somewhere in between? I tend to be a wallflower. And that’s because I don’t do so well in large groups and big crowds. The only time that I will be the centre of attention is when I’m working on a new design. Alone, on my desk haha! Similarly, many of the products I use every day, have a subdued look. Keeping that in mind, I wanted to make some stationery for fellow wallflowers, who would appreciate a dainty chintz design.

When this collection was being designed, we were thinking of all things vintage, warm and cosy. Visualise sitting in an oversized jumper, next to a fireplace, in a comfy armchair, making your notes. That’s the exact picture we had in mind, when we made the design. Which explains why this was the first collection that I snuck pieces from hehe.

Wallflower Stationery Set | Rose Spiralbound Notebook | The Craftables Stationery

For this collection, we have four pieces – a Magnetic To Do List, a bookmark listpad, a notebook and a weekly planner. And we are currently thinking about expanding this design to other products as well. Let me know which other stationery products, you would like to see with this design.

Wallflower Stationery Set | Rose Weekly Planner | The Craftables Stationery

In case you would like to see some our other designs, click here. Or if you would like to purchase any of these pieces, you can contact us through the link below. Alternately, if you would like to customise any of them, just add a message for it 🙂

Wallflower Stationery Set | Order Button | The Craftables Stationery

Wallflower Stationery Set | Rose Magnetic To Do List | The Craftables Stationery

We hope you liked this set! As always, we love getting feedback, so make sure to tell us your honest thoughts on these designs. It’s what helps us get better at design. You can let us know what you think, on any of our social media platforms or the comments section below. Just make sure to tag #craftionery, so we can have a look. Have a wonderful day ahead!